Open-Access Ceramic Studio Membership in Orpington, South East London

In the summer 2019 The Clay Room UK is going to open its doors to new members, offering studio membership to three people who work with clay. The aim of the membership is to offer a collaborative creative space for practising artists and designers who want to be part of a community of like minded makers.

The studio is located just off Orpington High Street, London Borough of Bromley, and a 15 minute walk from Orpington Train Station, providing great public transport access from South East London and surrounding areas.

Aimed at artists, designers or potters who are able to work independently, the membership offers open-access to the ceramic studio and equipment, including wheels and an extruder. The membership also offers access to two kilns and includes some bisque and glaze firings in the price.

The Clay Room UK hopes find people who want to develop their practice creatively and technically, to be part of a on-going critical dialogue between practitioners and to work alongside others. The membership will include practical support with developing skills, technical support with materials and firings, as well as a creative support network.

What is included…

  • Storage space comprising of multiple shelves

  • Open-access every day (see below for more details)

  • Access to wheels and studio tools.

  • A kiln shelf worth of work to be bisque fired each month

  • A kiln shelf worth of work to be fired to stoneware 1240oC each month.

  • Access to a good collection of ceramic books.

  • Technical, creative and skills development and support.

What you need to provide…

  • Your own materials and glazes.

  • A deposit

What is extra…

  • Additional bisque firings and glaze firings. You can book the whole kiln, or you can book a shelf within communal bisque firing (1000oC) or stoneware firing (1240oC). If you just have a couple of small pieces to fire, this will be priced based on weight. You can also organise group firings with other studio members and book the kilns. Firing costs will be kept as cheap as possible.


During term time their are several classes each week in the main studio space. Members are invited to work in the space at these times as we want to enrich our clay community, but it will be busier and you may not be able to use the wheels. Occasionally the main studio will be closed, but these dates will be listed at least one week in advance.

Unfortunately The Clay Room UK cannot accommodate a production potter or someone wanting to work full-time within the studio. The membership is not suitable for beginners.

If you are interested…

Please send the following information to Sophie at

  • Your name and a brief description about your background in clay

  • What you are looking for in a studio

  • How you are currently working with clay (throwing, hand-building, casting) and your aims for your practice (improve skills, exhibit, develop new work etc)

  • A couple of photo’s of your work (optional)